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Residential: Service


   Whether you need a recurring service, or a one time clean of your entire home, we have you covered and offer No Contract Pricing as well as discounts for recurring clients. Our residential rates are hourly based at $60 per labor hourwith a 2-hour minimum. * PRIOR TO BOOKING please review our fine print and company policies listed below.
We customize your cleaning regimen to suit your family's needs and active lifestyles, while remaining committed to Eco-Friendly, “Green” cleaning. Our goal is to save you and your family time, while providing an outstanding service. Let us help give your family more quality time together by cleaning less, as well as, by removing dust, dander, and pollen from your space equaling a more healthy living environment overall. You've got things to do that are more important than cleaning a messy house. Let us take care of it!

*All our cleaning technicians have gone through a thorough criminal background screening as well as narcotic testing. They are licensed and insured against damage & theft, even though that is something we have never encountered.

*We also offer à la carte and add-on options for those individuals that might just need their fridge, oven or more cleaned. 

***Please note... We don't provide laundry or dish services.
*Extras such as: Inside & Outside window washing, Power-washing, Carpet, Rug and Upholstery cleaning & more can be found here... 



Standard Base Cleaning Rate in all rooms include:

  • Dusting: (High Dusting is an add-on)

  • Picture frames (Rotating Service)

  • Knickknacks (Rotating Service)

  • Lamps

  • Furniture

  • Baseboards (Rotating Service)

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Vacuum furniture including under any cushions

  • Sweep & mop all surfaces 

Standard Kitchen Cleaning:

  • Appliances (Inside extra charge)

  • Counters

  • Outside of Cabinets

  • Table and chairs

  • Range top (Inside Oven is additional add-on)

  • Refrigerator (Inside is additional add-on)

  • Microwave (Inside is additional add-on)

  Clean and Sanitize:

  • Sinks

  • Countertops

  • Backsplashes

  • Floors

  • Cabinet faces and inside cabinet doors

  • ALL hard and soft surfaces

Standard Bathroom Cleaning:

  • Mirrors

  • Polish chrome

  Clean and Sanitize:

  • Shower

  • Bath tub

  • Sinks

  • Vanity

  • Backsplash

  • Toilet

  • Floors

  • Tile & Walls

Specialty Cleaning a la carte add-ons:

  • Inside of Oven 

  • Inside of Microwave

  • Inside of Refrigerator 

  • Window washing Inside & Out

  • Packing & Unpacking 

  • Wall Washing

  • Inside Cabinet Cleaning

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Don’t see a service - Just Ask! 

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COVID 19 Services, Precautions

& Resources

Safety of our clients, your home and our cleaning technicians are our top priority. Please click below for more information on the steps we are taking to ensure safety by means of utilizing our 3 Stage Clean and required PPE.

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  • We use a thorough screening process for all of our employees.

  • We use high-level training programs for all of our Professional Cleaners.

  • We are dependable, reliable & flexible

  • We are licensed, bonded and insured.

  • We are dedicated to protecting the land, water and air by ONLY implementing "Green" cleaning practices.

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Of course we love speaking to, and being around all of our clients. However, to make our services as cost effective as possible, as well as for us to not interfere with your business or your families daily routines, we prefer to clean sites when they are vacated to help expedite our services and to make sure our cleaning technicians remain focused on the task at hand.  Generally, our clients will schedule us to arrive when they are at work or on errand running days.  If you would like to meet the cleaning technician that will be assigned to you prior to your cleaning, please do mention that in your initial phone consultation and they can be scheduled to accompany the owner of the company the day of your in person consultation. Also, you can view photos of, and read about all of our cleaning technicians on our website under the "meet the team" tab.  Lastly, all of our cleaning technicians are criminally back ground screened, drug tested and come fully insured. 


To enter the premises we are more than happy to do whatever works best for you. Whether it be informing us that there is a spot you choose to keep a key on the property, issuing our company a key that would be accompanied alongside a formal contract stating that is our arrangement, issuing us a private key code if your home or business has that option or simply meeting us there the day of your service appointment,  the choice is up to you.


If for some reason you have to be home, or on site at your previously scheduled time, we ask that you reschedule to a time thats more suitable. If vacating the space is impossible, due to working from home or transportation issues, we ask that you remain in another room on the property and please keep interactions to a minimum so that our cleaning technicians can remain focused. Please inform us of having to be on site prior to your cleaning, if that need arises.

If excessive visitation and distractions occur, which prolongs our cleaning technicians from completing the task in the previous assigned time, a charge of $20 per half hour will be accrued and added onto your invoice. This is up to the discretion of the cleaning technician, so please do keep all interactions and distractions to a an absolute minimum by ideally scheduling us when you know no one will be on site. It is important for us to have access to every area of your space that we will be cleaning. In doing so, we need to work freely and without distractions. Excessive talking (beyond cleaning instructions) prevents us from being 100% focused. We prefer to complete services when clients are not present for this purpose. 

This policy allows for busy working families to have their cleaning sessions done whilst they are at work, or on errands, so that we are not interrupting your families daily routines as well as for safety reasons such as contact with tools, tripping over buckets, caddies, vacuum cords, etc. Simply come home, or return to work, to a fresh, clean home or business. This policy is intended to assist in best time management of our cleaning technicians for cost effectiveness and so that they remain focused to complete the service they were scheduled for in the time they have been given.




We also love all pets at Looks Like New! However, some folks have anxiety & fears around some types of animals. Unfortunately, we do not know your dog (or snake), yet we understand they are a member of your family. So, for the safety, and respect, of our cleaning technicians, we ask that all pets, specifically dog and reptiles, are put up in a room we will not be entering for the length of your cleaning session. This policy also applies to outdoor, off leash dogs.  Our cleaning technicians will not be able to enter a property that has off leash animals in the yard for safety reasons.  Please leash or kennel your animals prior to your scheduled cleaning session.



Unfortunately our cleaning technicians are not able to approve any additional same day service requests or service add ons. They can only fulfill the pre-approved service that is on their work order. If you wish to add any additional services other than what you’ve been previously scheduled for, please call 575-224-2053 at least 72 hours prior to your appointment to discuss those services and associated costs. We will try our best to accommodate all your needs. If we cannot add on services that day, we surely can get you scheduled shortly thereafter.


You can pay in check, money order or via PayPal. Utilizing PayPal acquires an additional 5% admin fee. If requesting PayPal please let us know prior to invoicing.

*These policies are implemented to guarantee the safety and the best time management of our cleaning technicians. A contract or work order can be terminated at any time if these policies are not adhered to.


 Thank you so much for your business and we look forward to making your space “Look like new”.

For further details, please read all of our company polices by clicking here... 

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