Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean & stage your vacation rental property after one set of guests depart, and before the next guests arrive, is imperative in keeping up with your successful vacation rental, as well as, with keeping up with the demanding cleanliness standards expected in the world of Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway rentals. 

  • Simply match your cleaning fee on whichever booking site you use to reflect our charges below and there is no additional cost to you as a host, PLUS you get the safety & security of knowing a screened, licensed and insured individual is cleaning your rental property every time & in the most ecologically friendly way! 

  • No more need to purchase cleaning supplies or chemical for your rentals. As long as you are contracted with us, we provide our commercial grade, 100% GREEN non-toxic cleaners, as well as now providing our 3 stage cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting in all your rental properties! Show your guests how dedicated you are to protecting the beautiful landscape, clean water and clean air they come to visit! 


Travelers often hold vacation rentals to the same high standards of cleanliness as full-service hotels, even though rental hosts don’t have access to the same full-time housekeeping crews that hotels do and that is where we come in. LOOKS LIKE NEW CLEANING & JANITORIAL SERVICES has 20 PLUS YEARS experience cleaning and staging for-sale homes, rental properties, move in/move out cleanings and vacation rentals with past clients such as Vacasa, Reece Nichols Realty, Century 21, Knaack Properties, Ellis Real Estate & more.



*Extras such as: Deep Cleaning, Inside & Outside window washing, Power-washing, Upholstery cleaning & more can be found here... 



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  • Laundering and changing linens. Vacation rental rates include 1 wash and 1 dry of 1 load.  Additional loads are $30 per hour to cover time spent either on site or at a laundry facility. Client must cover laundry facility costs. 
    NOTE: We require our vacation rental clients to keep at least two sets of all linens on site, including towels, due to potential time restraints that may arise.

  • While sanitizing and disinfecting, we pay special attention to high-touch surfaces, including: doorknobs (inside and out), lockboxes or electronic lock panels, stair railings, telephones, light switches, remote controls, arms of chairs, refrigerator door handles, sliding door handles, toilets, faucets and knobs, clothes hangers, touch screens to name just a few.

  • Notate how many beds needs changed and change bed linens. Any additional beds over the unit size incur a $5 per bed change fee. Example a 2 bedroom unit with 6 beds would be an additional $20 fee.

  • Vacation rental rates include putting away 1 load of dishes. Additional kitchen dishes are subject to a $10 per load fee. Please do include that information in your booking info.

  • Removing and disposing of 1 bag of trash. Please do include that information in your booking info. Additional bags are $5 a bag, or you can choose to dispose it yourself. 

  • Checking for, and reporting damage. All damages will be documented, photographed and reported same day.

  • Restocking client supplied amenities.

  • Reporting low inventory on supplies. 

* Vacation rental cleanings are intended for cleaning up after the LAST tenant leaves. THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A DEEP CLEAN. If upon entry it we recognize it needs more than a standard cleaning, you will be notified and offered a deep clean price. 

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Toilets, sinks & all fixtures wiped down.  All countertops & surfaces cleaned & sanitized.   Mirrors & fixtures shined. Shower, bathtub & fixtures wiped down. *NO deep scrubbing to remove soap scum and deep set in tub rings. Must purchase a "Deep Clean" for more than a wipe out. Empty trash.  Floors swept and mopped.


Notate how many beds needs changed and change beds. *Any # of additional beds over the unit size incur a $5 per bed change fee. Cobwebs removed, NOT including anything a broom cannot reach. High dusting is an additional chargeDust knick knacks, framed art/pictures & furniture. Spot clean mirrors. Inspect all drawers and under beds for belongings. Empty trash. Tidy closets if need be. Remotes tested and placed by TV. Floors swept and mopped or vacuumed.

Outside patio and front porch: 

Swept off and debris removed. BBQ grill checked & coals removed if need be. BBQ Propane tanks inspected and fill levels reported. Hot tub inspected and report condition & temperature of water.



All countertops & surfaces cleaned & sanitized.  Exposed stove/range cleaned, including drip pans. Glass top surface ranges wiped. Sinks cleaned and fixtures shined. Exposed and inside refrigerator surfaces and freezer wiped out. Cob web removal.  Putting away 1 load of dishes. Additional kitchen dishes are subject to a $10 per load fee.  Microwave face cleaned and inside wiped out.  Front of cabinets spot wiped. Empty trash. 1 bag dumped included. Additional bags are $5 each.  Floors swept and mopped.

Dining  Room:

Tables wiped clean and all chairs spot cleaned. Dust knick knacks & framed art/pictures. Floors swept and mopped or vacuumed.

Living Room: 

Cobwebs removed, NOT including anything a broom cannot reach. High dusting is an additional chargeDust knick knacks, window sills framed art/pictures & furniture. Empty fireplace ashes if applicable. Remotes tested and placed by TV. 

Floors swept and mopped or vacuumed.



COVID 19 Services, Precautions

& Resources 

Safety of our clients, your guests and our cleaning technicians are our top priority. Please click below for more information on the steps we are taking to ensure safety by means of utilizing our 3 Stage Clean and required PPE.


Full Detail Cleaning cost estimates are for average-sized vacation rentals, in normal wear conditions. Actual price per unit is given at FREE in-person consultation. 

*Upon request, CDC and EPA, scent free, hydrogen peroxide based hospital grade approved disinfecting and sanitizing products can be used and will incur an additional $30 chemical charge. Our 3 stage cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting,  is now standard with all cleans while we are in a pandemic. We are using bleach based products for the sanitizing and disinfecting unless we are specifically asked to use the scent free hydrogen peroxide based hospital, grade products which will incur the extra change.


Book online or call: If you book online prior to a consultation, to secure an appointment time, the highest price shown will be charged & the remainder refunded if applicable. Please feel free to book a consultation prior to cleaning if you have the time.

Most prices reflect standard pricing based on apartments, casitas, condos, cabins, etc. that are approximately 800-1000 sq feet. Generally no larger than a 2 bedroom 2 bath unit.

The prices below are a rough estimate and upon an in person consultation we will set a rate for your unit.

  • Studio $45-$60 (low end for kitchenette units only)

  • 1 bed room 1 bathroom    $60- $80

  • 2 bedroom 1 bathroom    $80 - $100

  • 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom $90- $110

  • 2 bedroom 2 bathroom   $100- $120

  • 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom $110 - $130

  • 3-4 bedroom 2-3 bathroom  $180 -$260 

  • 4-6 bedroom 3-5 bathroom  $260- $400 

*Excessive refrigerator & oven soiling subject to a la carte and will receive a DEEP clean.

*Vacation Rental pricing includes a full bed making for ONLY the number of beds listed in the rates below. Any additional beds that need to be stripped and then made (NOT including stripping sofa pull out beds) are subject to a $5 a bed charge.


  • Check-in - Check-out services ( mileage + time charges apply)

  • Local errand running and concierge services for your guests (mileage + time charges apply)

  • Private Backcountry 4x4 and hot spring trips chauffeured in a top-class, 2012 Taos Special Edition  Toyota 4Runner that has a 12,500 lb. winch, 3-inch lift, rock slickers and more.

  • Concierge Done TAOS Style!


More reasons to choose LOOKS LIKE NEW include:

  • We utilize a thorough screening process for hiring cleaning technicians.

  • We use high-level training programs for all of our cleaning technicians.

  • We are dependable, reliable & flexible.

  • We are licensed and insured.

  • We are dedicated to protecting the land, water and air by only implementing "Green" cleaning practices.

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